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    Airsoft BBs and Beadlock Ballancing

    How does anyone do this? Does it matter if it's a double beadlock wheel? How many BBs do I use?
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    Does not matter if its a double beadlock. Just break down one side and pour in the BB's. Just make sure you do NOT buy biodegradable BB's. Ive been running them in my 39.5's and they are smooth as shit running 70 down the road.

    Use this chart to determine what weight of BB's you need for what tire you are running.

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    I tried this and it didn't work for me. I used a hi lift to break the bead and pour in pellets. Make sure you remove the valve stem core first.
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    I'm going to try 10 oz IAW the link that Yogurt posted. We'll see.

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    I used 4k bbs per tire on my military 37s/recentered humvee wheels.
    That's the only thing that worked.

    Discount weight balanced them and they shook like a paint shaker!

    Now they ride fine up to about 95
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    I used 4k bbs per tire on my military 37s/recentered humvee wheels.
    That's the only thing that worked.

    Discount weight balanced them and they shook like a paint shaker!

    Now they ride fine up to about 95
    So would you think maybe 3500 for 35s on a 17?

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    I just put about 3K bb's in my Trail Worthy Fab beadlocks with 37" bfg baja's. At freeway speeds it drives straight and smooth. It seems like sometimes when i take off from a stop it shakes back and forth, not violent but rather slow and over a long range on the steering wheel. As the wheels gain speed they balance out. That's what I expected to happen really. I haven't decided if I'm going to add more weight, maybe another thousand, to the tires or not. I've heard it's hard to mess up with too many bb's but can cause problems with not enough.

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    Not enough bb's was my problem. I had one tire that was almost 20oz out of balance and I was only using 10-12oz like recommended. It's definitely not an exact science. Low speed vibes are normal from what I remember too

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    I get vibrations at 35-45 mph.. VERY rhythmic and I have 10oz of the airsoft BBs in them. I'm going to add some of the official dynabeads this time, because they can go in through the tire stem. I'm glad to know it's hard to overdo it.

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    Removed all air soft bbs and tires ride waaaaay better than with bbs. It didn't work for me and I wouldn't recommend them.

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    Sorry they didn't work for you man.

    3 months of fighting mine, discount tires balancing them twice with weights, swapping the halves of the beadlocks around a dozen times and everything else you can think of.
    Probably had 20-30 hours of work in fighting the balance and nothing helped.
    Found my bent wheel during all that but the bbs ended up being my savior.
    I can do 95 on the highway and let go of the wheel with no problems.
    There's an occasional shake under ~20 mph but it's mild and goes away as soon as I get moving.

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    I had similar problems and about as much time trying everything to fix it as Venom (minus the bent wheel). I went with the 10oz of balance beads and life is good. I was ready to sell my tires (37" MTR/k) because it was aggravating the shit out of me - the balance beads were the last resort. I am glad I tried them, life is much, much better now.

    Balance beads (or similar) definitely work differently... they take a few minutes to "find their place" and once they do everything lines out.

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    used lead weights over BB's with zero issues

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    so I've read the metal BB's balance better than the plastic. unfortunately I balanced mine with the plastic ones before I knew. Anyone else have issues with using plastic BB's? I'd assume weight is weight whether it's plastic or metal and the plastic would require more BB's at the same weight allowing for more BB's to distribute evenly. wouldn't that be an advantage? will be a while before I get the jeep rolling, so can't test yet.
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    I used plastic, the heaviest ones they make. Had them in for two years and it worked flawless. 40's at 80mph smooth as silk. If you use metal make sure to use stainless, but I stayed away because metal is just louder. I know guys who use golf balls. But like I said soft air bb's in the heaviest worked great.
    One more thing make sure you don't buy the biodegradable ones, my buddy did and they turned to powder.

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