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Thread: Trophy-10

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    Since this is technically a Jeepster/J Truck section, I figured it needed at least one J truck build thread, so I guess I'll be the one to start one.

    A little background, for most of the year I go to college, and the rest of it (3 months give or take) I spend working a job and doing a build. Last Summer I did my JK, a pretty mild build, just a few things here and there. About a month ago I found a 74' J-10 for sale locally, it didnt run and the guy wanted it gone, so I picked it up fairly cheap. I stuck it in the back of my shop, and kind of just forgot about it. A few weeks ago a 14 bolt and a chevy 60 dropped into my lap, and since I couldnt use them in my JK, I decided that the J-10 would be a good candidate. It got dragged out of the corner and put front and center, and hopefully I can give it a new life.

    As with every build thread, general ass-baggery from the peanut gallery is not only welcome, but encouraged.

    A few pictures of it in the field it came out of...

    and this is me pissing off my neighbors by parking a non running truck in front of my house

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    Step One

    Step One was to get it running so I could actually get it out of my driveway and into my shop (which is about 15 minutes away). Although a lot of the hardcore guys dont like the Quadratrac setup, I was pretty excited to get my hands on one. This truck came with the 360/th400/qt setup, which after working with a bit I'm beginning to love. The AMC 360 is somewhat unique, although underpowered, but the th400 is easily one of my favorite trannys, and the quadratrac has a few awesome advantages.

    Coming out of a field after 5 years, the fuel lines were clogged, the tank was disgusting, and the carb was in terrible shape. A new fuel pump got it running, but the carb was just dumping fuel and it would die if you ever let off the throttle. A quick carb rebuild and some timing work got it running nicely. Still have a few issues, but it got to the shop just fine.

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    My favorite part of any build is axles. This build isnt really getting anything interesting, pretty much the age old 4x4 combo. The front is getting a chevy kp 60, the rear is getting a 14 bolt. I got a solid deal on these from a guy that was changing direction with his build, and I just couldnt pass em up. This past weekend I started getting into them, and got a fair bit done for the time I had.

    Rear Axle is always the easy part, and this one is no different. It's setup with 4.88 gears and a detroit locker (not ideal, but if I can't get used to it ill just swap in an arb.)
    This one is pretty much done, I still have to burn in the brackets for it, and get rid of the one thing I absolutely hate about 14 bolts. Theyre my favorite axle by far, but they have two big issues. First one is the clearance, if youve ever built one of these you know theyre an absolute bitch, theyre just magnets for rocks. For now, im not doing anything about that. The other big issue is the straps and bolts setup for the pinion yoke. It sucks and I hate it, alot. So I'm trying something new, swapping the bolts and straps to a new 1410 yoke. Ill do a write up of that install in this thread as I really dont see it talked about much, and I think its important.

    The front is a little more complex, and I only got it torn down over the weekend, after looking it over and how Im going to setup my steering, I decided to ditch the stock knuckles and swap to Reid Racing knuckles and high steer arms. Unfortunately that means waiting for parts to show up, so theres not much to see yet. I promise there will be more tech and useful photos than this when I actually start doing some real work. This one also got 4.88s and a locker.

    This is how they sit right now, tucked away in the back of my shop.

    And heres a pic of the setup in the 60

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    Nice, looking forward to this one
    Hands up, Don't shoot!

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Nice I have a J10 ill be parting out soon let me know if there are any odd ball parts you might need

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiskyTangoFoxtrot View Post
    easily one of my favorite trannys

    Lets stay on topic...

    Looking forward to seeing this build man
    2004 TJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    Dr. Dirty just won the Internet singehanded.

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    Pastrami Prolapse Chris Hansen's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Southern Cal
    Fuck yeah.....let's get these old heeps runnin!
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    Quote Originally Posted by VikingGinger View Post

    Lets stay on topic...

    Looking forward to seeing this build man
    Thats one of my other favorite trannys!

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    Not much to update, truck is completely torn down, body and frame are separated and ready for blasting, axles are all ready, bumpers are done and ready to go on. Now I just have to put everything back together!

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    Awesome, look forward to seeing it!



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