Gentlemen, Ladies and Creeps,

A few years ago, I did a post and began to formulate a memorial sticker for some of my fallen friends, Operation Red Wings and 9/11. It turned out really well, and a few of the members here ordered quite a lot in return of the product design.

So here we are again. I see the forum has undergone some changes, face lift, boob enlargement, butt implants and all. With this, I don't think there has been an updated forum decal/website advertisement since the creation of this refuge from the PC, overly butthurt mallcrawlers of the other places to which we don't speak of.

What would you all like? What ideas are floating around your elctrotherapy ridden brain housing groups? Should we do an updated "Jeep Asylum" decal, a "" advertisement, a tattoo design, or maybe an Anniversary/Members Only design? Tell me what you think, lets brainstorm, and bring out the members! Speaking of, where has Jester, Joker, JohnnyWalker and all the O.G.s been? Gotta bring the roots back out!