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    Totron light bar into spod help

    Can anyone help me with this? I have a Totron light bar and would like to wire it into my sPod. Do you cut where I have marked on the pic? Should i use the fuse that is in the wiring harness?
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    Hard to see what's what but u only need to hook the power and ground up to the spod. Fuse and relay can go in extra parts bin.

    Is this thing on?

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Id trash all of that harness and just run your + and - from the light bar straight to your sPod.

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    I concur, spod makes it so easy

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    Thanks! Finally got the sPod, 2 light bars on - also had to make the switch panel. The sPod does make it easy once everything else is done. My wife is very happy and I don't think she will ever use her headlights in her Polaris Ranger again!

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    Had to share the pics of the light bars on here. My wife can't stop driving around in here Polaris Ranger at night. Thanks for the help on hooking the lights up to the sPod. This will help me when I get the sPod for the Jeep!

    First pic - left hand side is low beam and right side is the 40" light bar.

    Second pic is the 20" rear light bar.
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    Light bars mounted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Stitches View Post
    Light bars mounted.
    Pretty serious light output there, looks great man!
    2004 TJ

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