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    B. I use the safety shield on my grinder so sparks back at me aren't usually a big problem. If holding it in position B, the wheel is spinning counter clockwise (on my grinder) looking at the picture. That means the wheel is pulling the grinder away from my body so if it binds or runs away it's away from me. It's also not "pushing" the grinder as I'm letting the rotation of the disk pull the grinder in that direction.

    I'll also do mulitple full passes letting the weight of the grinder do the work. This saves on cutting disks tremendously, and isn't really any slower than forcing the grinder into the metal to cut deeper with less passes. This also means my hands are only holding the grinder to control and direct it, not force it. Full passes also don't walk and wonder on you like continually going back and forth do. If you understand the difference between sketching on paper and drawing on paper it's the same thing.

    I perfected my method cutting on electrical enclosures for components where cut lines with runout of more than a couple millimeters can mean the difference between sealing and not sealing. It's served me well for fabricating shit too.

    I've also found that option C can cause the grinder to jump/bounce because you are pulling against the rotational forces of the grinder.
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    You're a pro fabricator now. Start a business, seven slat fab works. Got a nice ring to it
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    If I were to be around you and you smelled like cake then I probably would retract my statement about disliking you.
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