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Thread: new polaris

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    Eh those little straps are overrated.

    Just kidding. We have to load/unload one of the grizzlies sideways on the trailer. The ramps are always fun. I won't do it. I'm too clumsy. I'll find a way to kill myself. But I spot my husband and he's only slightly less afraid than I am. Loading in the back of a truck? No way Jose. Too steep, seen too many rear windows bashed out.
    Watch those straps too. If you don't crank them down good they'll kick out.

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    Wow yeah glad you are okay. That hurts just to think about.
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    Took it out today to check on some horses the SO had seized in a cruelty case and they all liked it.
    Great bunch of critters that really just crave attention. They were skin and bones when we seized them, but theyre putting weight on fast.
    2 paint mares are preggers, the big gray one is a leopard appaloosa gelding.
    He's coming home with me to the ranch eventually. I think I have homes lined up to adopt the others already.

    While we were out there we managed to get in some pretty hardcore rock crawling, even with me and my wife both on it, it still did great.
    Steel front bumper is on, still waiting on the skid plates to ship.
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    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?



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