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Thread: new polaris

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    new polaris

    picked up a '14 polaris sportsman 800 4x4 today

    me: honey we're just going to the dealer to look!
    wife: then why did we bring the trailer?

    mods are already ordered.

    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    HAHAHA Shes on to your games.

    Looks Like that will be a fun toy.

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    Nice, I really want an atv for some reason

    Sent from the ether
    Hands up, Don't shoot!

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    I get around gold knight's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Dawsonville, Ga
    Quote Originally Posted by dr.dirty View Post
    HAHAHA Shes on to your games.

    Looks Like that will be a fun toy.
    X2 lol

    Cool, can't wait to see what you do with it.
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    Larry T (my wife has a green Jeep with a flat black muffler)

    My other hobbies include: Older cars and trucks; Spending money on unfinished projects, and continuing to not finish them...
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    Welcome. We don't bite. Well.......Jake does.......but only if you smell like cake.
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    Congrats on the new ride!

    They go good with

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    nice. what mods are you planning?

    i had a foreman with bi tri claws, jetted, snorkeled... loved that bike. beat the shit out of her, rolled her i don't know how many times... i miss the green machine. i've got a grizzly now and i've been much gentler with her (read: not as much fun) BUT i have to say, the power steering and independent suspension make it a LOT easier to not spill my vodka drink on the whoopdeedoos.

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    i'm not going crazy with it, its actually gonna be a workhorse at the ranch so mostly useful stuff
    winch, skids, steel bumpers, lighting, 2" hitch, etc
    maybe lift and bigger rubber down the road
    and maybe a vinyl wrap soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom View Post
    i'm not going crazy with it, its actually gonna be a workhorse at the ranch
    Yeah, yeah, yeah....keep telling yourself that and soon you might believe it

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    First batch of goodies delivered today and installed after shift ended at midnight tonight.

    3500lb Winch, 2" receiver hitch, 3 headlight mod (low beams stay on with high beam), gun rack, GPS mounted and hardwired.


    I'm on call till 6am anyway and don't get a day off anytime soon. Gonna be a 70+ hour week by the time its done anyway.
    Might as well wrench.

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    Powered By power bottoms jkristie44's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Pensacola naval base checking out the mens in uniform
    Looks like a fun toy!

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    Haldol Shuffle Ogie's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Huntington Beach, CA
    When I see "Polaris", I automatically think of snowmobiles. So, when I saw the thread title, I was like, "Oh, somebody got a new snow machine...wait, Venom? Doesn't he live in Texas? Why would a Texan want a snowmobile?" Then I opened up the thread, and I was like, "duh."

    Anyhoo, congrats. Very cool.

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    almost like building another jeep!
    winch n lights, metal bumpers n skids

    if you go lift n bigger tires, gotta upgrade the axles etc etc

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    Very cool

    Sent from the ether

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    Well before I had to put gas in it for the first time, let alone make the first payment, its got:
    3500lb Winch
    2" receiver hitch
    Hardwired GPS
    Gun rack
    Modded rear deck with carpet and a fence for the dog to ride w/me
    Headlights modded so hi/low both work on high
    Dual horns (to call the horses)
    Ditched all the lawyer stickers
    Venom customs vinyl (of course)

    Waiting on UPS to deliver
    Full skids
    Steel front bumper/brush guard
    Steel rear bumper

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    Resident Askhole BenDrinken's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Kent, Washington
    Awesome Larry. I'm sure you'd mod out a snowmobile and make it work too if that's what you had. Very nice.
    Hey Dickhead, get out of the fast lane! Unless you're passing of course.

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    well I can tell you that those anti-kick out straps they give you with ATV loading ramps are there for a reason.
    I can also tell you that a 750lb ATV falling off of the back of a truck backwards onto the rider hurts like a mother and I probably shouldnt be here to write this.

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    DUDE! Be careful..... I have a friend thats now paralyzed form his quad falling on him like that. When used to load my quad i always hooked a ratchet strap to the tow hitch and on to the rung of the atv ramp.

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    Be Careful!!

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    Yeah. I kinda figured out how important strapping the ramp to the truck is.

    Now I use the little straps that came with the ramps run from a rung near the top to the tie down points just inside the tailgate.
    I got lucky, I'll heal.



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