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    Feb 2014
    Pismo Beach, California

    SuperchipsŪ Trail Jammer TDX System

    is it worth putting this kit on a 2005 unlimited rubicon 4.0. cant find reviews on it

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    Welcome to The Asylum! I've always liked the Unlimited TJ Rubicons (AKA LJs).

    There's no 100% effective answer to your question... There are several of us here who have Superchips products (myself included) and love them. I have a flashpaq and have used it to adjust my speedometer, turn off my Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and of course to get a little more power out of that 3.8 V6. Some folks don't like Cold Air Intakes because they wheel around water and those make your vehicle easier to hydrolock if you get in too deep. It seems to me that the beauty of this system is that you can add on as your needs/desires come to light. I would start with the Traildash and try the tunes and features in there. You have a Rubicon, so having the ability to lock and unlock regardless of transfer case selector position is nice, and I believe the Traildash offers that. If you decide you want more, I'm sure that you can add the Throttle body and Cold Air Intake later on down the line. Superchips also has excellent customer support, so I would recommend dropping them an email as well. Again, welcome to the Nuthouse, and head over to the welcome area and post pics of that LJ!!
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    You will see minimal gains with a CAI like John stated. Some like them some dont. I Love my CAI but I live in the California desert and the possibility of getting water in my intake is very low.

    Im running a Traildash in my JK and love the features it offers. I woud look into the features and functions for the Traildash for the TJ.



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