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    10 dollars per wheel to get the tire off? No thanks. I'll do it myself.

    Ok, my Newbuhs: I have been holding on to my original JK Rubicon BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires for almost 2 years. I can't justify it anymore, so I decided to get 'em off the wheels and put them on Craigslist. I had replaced my wheels and tires back in early 2012, and I went with the Hutchinson Rock Monsters... a 2 piece wheel. Long story short: I tried to use airsoft BBs to balance them with horrible results and ruined a couple of the wheel's O-Rings in the process of removing the BBs. I had to find a good way to get the wheels back apart to replace the O-Rings, so I started poking online. I found these:

    I picked them up from these guys... the only US distributors, according to the manufacturers website. Tyre Pliers

    First, begin by getting some soapy water. The side walls of off-road tires are pretty tough, and it was in no way as easy as the guy in the video makes it look (The 50* weather didn't help much either). Let the air out of the tire by removing the valve core, or any other means that you may have. Go ahead and dig the non-pivot end between the tire and the wheel, using a deadblow or 5 pound sledge if you need to. You want to be careful so you don't mar the wheel. Then, slide the pivot end down and under the lip of the wheel.

    This will be easier the heavier you are, but it will get under there. Press down on the fixed handle, while opening the pivoting handle. Hold the pivot handle open and spray some soapy water in between the tire and the wheel. You will likely have to do this process a few times, rotating the tool 1/4 way around the wheel. You'll know you're done when you feel the tire separate from the wheel. It will be obvious. Then, you can step around the sidewall to loosen the rest of the tire. I had 2 tires that broke bead on the first step, but the other 3 required me going all the way around the tire, spraying soapy water all the way. Turn the wheel over, (You need to use some cardboard if you don't want your wheel all scratched up) and repeat the process on the other bead.

    Get your pry bars and a block of 2x4 and turn the wheel over with the face of the wheel facing up. Put your long pry bar between the wheel and the tire in a spot where it will fit. Pry upward to pull the lip of the tire over the lip of the rim, using the wood block to increase your pry bar angle and hain more leverage. Place your smaller pry bar right beside the long one to hold your progress and remove the large pry bar. Rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise and re-insert the large pry bar as close as you can to where the tire lip is under the wheel lip. Then repeat the process, prying the lip of the tire over the lip of the wheel, working your way around until the entire face of the wheel is free. Turn the wheel over and start over. This side will be much, much easier and your wheel and tire will be separated.

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    I've anyways just placed a 2x6 on the tire and drove the jeep slowly up the 2x6.

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