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Thread: cop stories

  1. #41
    Got home from duty at 2 a.m.
    Got called back out at 5 a.m.
    A semi had completely jumped across the gap on an overpass most of the tractor was in the grass on the far side and was completely engulfed in flames

    Truck and trailer both burned completely couldn't even tell what company the truck worked for
    Had the highway blocked for about three and a half hours finally got the fire out

    burned all the paint off the truck completely melted the trailer
    melted the license plates so I dug through the truck wreckage and found a VIN number and traced it through the vehicle manufacturer trying to find out ID on the driver's body
    Then I spilled a hot cup of coffee my lap on the way back to the SO

    That was my morning
    I'm going back to bed so I can go back on duty in a few hours
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    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    What's up with the hwy out there? Seems you work a lot of trucks having a hard time navigating that stretch

  3. #43
    I think the problem is we're 200 miles outside of Dallas and ppl start getting really tired about the time they get here

    Today's shift started at 3pm with a call to a hospice death

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    I can imagine, that's a hard drive once you leave wetherford heading west. A lot of wide open expanses to look. Plus DFW traffic is enough to wear on anyone.

  5. #45
    news pic from the semi crash
    I'm the guy next to the hose dragger

  6. #46
    Shit. It seems when semis crash they do it all up. I assume this is the one where the driver didn't make it

  7. #47
    Yes sir, that one was fatal.

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    Haldol Shuffle Wordgie's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    So we have this girl at school. 17 year old with almost enough credits to be a senior. Girl's a train wreck.

    I'm going to hell for saying this, but her future is a single wide dwelling stripper. She already has the look and the personality. I wish I could tranquillize her and put an ear tag on her like they do with animals so I can track her progression through life.

    Last year she at Vslentine's day SGA was selling flowers to send to your Vslentine. She bought one wrote a note saying something like you're a bitch or something and sent it to a girl she's been fighting with. Needless to say, this created more problems but she couldn't understand what was wrong.

    "But I sent her a flower! Whys she mad at me?"

    "You sent her a flower with a note saying she's a bitch!"

    "But I put it on a flower!"

    We had her in the office after that on a semi related incident and all of a sudden her face distorts and lets out this obnoxious noise like a huge half hiccup and half gasp. Turns put she allegedly got diagnosed with Turrettes and that is her tick. Now we have a future stripper with Turrettes.

    She started dating a Mexican kid whose family was more fucked up than she could even imagine. She comes to school one morning and tells the assistant principal she was pregnant. Without skipping a beat, she says "yep that's what Csptain Morgan does to ya". One step to establish her trailer park cred.

    This year she sees me and shows me this nasty bruise she got from her Mexican boyfriend hitting her with a broomstick. I asked her how it happened and she said he had the stick in his hand and was telling her to back up as he was backing up. She had already punched and scratched him and she was going back at him and he hit her in the leg with it. She was pissed and asked me what gave him the right to right to hit her.

    "You already hit him and you were going back again. He told you to back up but instead you lunged at him"

    "Yeah, that's what mom said"

    Later on she had a chipped tooth. Same thing. She hit him and he tried to push her away and hit her in the mouth. Shortly after that she said she broke up with him. Just another layer of trailer park.

    Here's the cherry on this white trash sundae. She gets me as soon as I walk on campus to tell me she's pregnant by him. Again. The one last year was a false alarm. She's pissed now because she wants an abortion and he won't pay half of it. Here's how the mind of a teenage, white trash, future stripper works.

    "Can I report someone in country illegally to Crime Stoppers?"


    "And I'll get money?"

    "Yeah, if it's true."

    "So I can report his cousin, get her sent back to Mexico and get his half of the money for the abortion from the reward"

    "Uh.....yeah. Sounds like it would work."

    She's gonna make someone a great ex wife one day.

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    Bat Shit Crazy tcDawg's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    Woodstock, Ga
    ^^^^really sad right there.
    Crawling For Reid May 13 - 15, 2016 Adventure OffRoad Park

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    Even though I think women are able to get abortions too easily, another subject that can be discussed elsewhere, I will gladly chip in for her because NO child deserves a mother that fucked up.

    Very sad that someone so young can already be so lost. Plus the mind fuck that goes with abortion, she will be a real winner

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    Haldol Shuffle Wordgie's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    Not that it makes it better because it doesn't, but the whole pregnancy is most likely a lie.

    It would be so easy to blame her mom, but after meeting her on several occasions, she's at wit's end with her.

  12. #52
    Sounds like a girl screaming for attention and possibly abused

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    Bat Shit Crazy tcDawg's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    Woodstock, Ga

    cop stories

    Couple nights ago, at Taco Mac hanging with friends, having some dinner and a few high gravity IPA's had three during the course of dinner, definitely not drunk but a friendly little IPA buzz. We were probably there a total an hour and a half.

    Head out to go home. Dark as hell, and a day before thanksgiving so you know the cops are all over the place keeping our streets safe...

    I pull up to a traffic light, I'm the only one there. About 10 seconds later a Ga State Patrolman slides right up next to me on my right. I look out of habit, you know just to see who's over there. I see the cop And then look away, no need to stare the guy down. So I'm staring straight ahead and I get this feeling like he's looking at me. Glance over, shit yeah he is, and he's got his window down and is doing the international "roll your window down" thing with his hand.

    Well shit, now I'm thinking, what? My flairs don't cover the tires, my window tint is too dark, I got a light out...what bs little thing do I have going on that is going to get this guy all worked up... He is going to tell me to pull over. I instantly get a little sweat going and the hair raises up on my neck. I mean, no way I'm drunk but I sure as hell don't want to get pulled over and have to deal with smelling like a barrel of freshly boiled hops!!

    Of course, I roll down my window. I'm waiting for him to get after me.

    Cops says, "hey!" He's a young one, this may be bad and our State Patrol is known for being fairly rigid and tight.

    I say, "officer, how are you tonight?"

    He say, "I'm great! Nice jeep, are those 37's?" Now his tenor here was not cop like at all, it was like a kid in a candy store and I knew I was all good.

    I said, "yes sir!, 37" MTR'S"

    He says, "yep, I thought they were, they look great, I think I'm going to go with 37's on mine". Light turns green. "Hey, see you later, drive safe!" Patrolman speeds off.

    I putter on home staying well within the speed limit and using my turn indicators at least 1/4 mile before every turn.
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    I get around gold knight's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Dawsonville, Ga
    What no asylum card to give out? :p

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    Bat Shit Crazy tcDawg's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    Woodstock, Ga
    Quote Originally Posted by gold knight View Post
    What no asylum card to give out? :p
    Next time. Actually, I need some cards. Where was the thing to print out.

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    All the roads are still under 1" of ice.
    May use the jeep for patrol tonight.

  17. #57
    Probably a good idea. I ventured out a little today really only to go get some munches for the family and spent quite some time pulling folks back onto the road that have slid off. Supposed to warm up later today and hopefully all of this will melt because I have an Oak tree I am going to try and salvage, it's ashame I have always loved that tree.

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    Chief deputy wouldnt let me use the jeep for liability reasons but he gave me his 4wd patrol Tahoe to use Friday night.

    I wrecked it.

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    I get around gold knight's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Dawsonville, Ga
    N00B's click here!
    Larry T (my wife has a green Jeep with a flat black muffler)

    My other hobbies include: Older cars and trucks; Spending money on unfinished projects, and continuing to not finish them...
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    Welcome. We don't bite. Well.......Jake does.......but only if you smell like cake.
    Quote Originally Posted by WTF_LOL
    Bacon is for eating, not for polls

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    HAHAHAH oops! good thing you weren't in the jeep.



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