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Thread: cop stories

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    Sitting at the pump getting fuel, the Baird city marshal happened to be riding with me on duty that night - he used to be a deputy so he missed getting out in the county to play.
    A green firebird with Missouri plates rolls up and a 20 something kid says "I need to speak with the Baird police", so Bobby (the marshal) starts talking to him.

    Kid says "I knows its not good, but I'm hearing voices and they say that I'm a freemason and that I'm famous in Baird, Texas - is that true?"

    So he drove all the way from Missouri out to Baird that day to find out if it was true, is he famous here?
    Bobby says "why don't you let me see your license and we'll ask the sheriff's office if you're famous here?"
    Keeping in mind, the thriving metropolis that is Baird, Texas boasts a population of about 1400 and is a sprawling 2.5 sq miles - so we're talking SMALL town that few people have heard of, so where this kid's voices got the idea, we'll probably never know.
    Anyway, Bobby keeps him chatting, and the kid gets out, I slip off to the side to call the deputy marshal that was actually on duty, and call dispatch and run him - he came back with no warrants and during the chat tells us we can search his car.
    So while Bobby has him talking and occupied, the deputy marshal and I do the search, in the car we found a bunch of anti psychotic meds, a patient discharge sheet where he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia a couple of months ago, several toll road stubs from Oklahoma where he had actually driven all the way to Baird that day and a box with a set of lock picks and a pamphlet called "a beginners guide to lockpicking".
    Nothing illegal, just mostly stuff to back up his story.

    I had dispatch call MHMR (mental health) and get us a case worker en route from Abilene - the closest large city about 20 miles away, to try to get him some help.
    He rode over with the deputy marshal to the sheriff's office, Bobby drove his firebird, I followed in my patrol unit and we sat out on the porch at the SO and just talked with the kid for about an hour until the MHMR worker showed up to evaluate him and she ended up letting him follow her to town in his own car to a halfway house until they could get him admitted into the local psych facility and try to get his meds adjusted and working.
    I felt bad for the kid, at least his meds were working well enough that he knew the voices weren't supposed to be there, but they still could convince him to drive 800 miles.
    Luckily thats all they were telling him to do, well that and that he's famous in Baird, Texas.

    Just another trip to the gas pump wearing a badge.
    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    Mental illness is a heart breaker. Glad you guys were there to help him out the way it's supposed to be done.
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    Yep lost a good buddy to schizophrenia

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    Hands up, Don't shoot!

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    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    Never know what's gonna walk up on you. Glad it worked out the and voices weren't telling him to do other things.

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    Nov 2011
    Kent, Washington
    Kind of heart warming in a wierd kinda way. Good job Larry.
    Hey Dickhead, get out of the fast lane! Unless you're passing of course.

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    While arresting a DWI subject the call comes out "911. Call. Vehicle on the side of the highway on fire"

    Leave the drunk to another officer and haul ass to this

    Guy hit a deer on the highway.
    No injuries (other than the deer)

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    Jan 2012
    venison for dinner?

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    My partner and I get a call for for someone breaking into a HUD apartment. We arrive on location and radio tells us the person is on the second floor, from what the caller is telling 9-11. We enter the property and start a search, radio says that the male just jumped out the second floor rear window, we run outside and this guy is gone from a 30 foot drop. About 10 minutes later we see a male limping down the street I pull up to him and say " that was one hell of a jump wasn't it" his response was it didn't look that high. Dumb ass, do you want a ride to the hospital, nope I'll take the bus. Have a good night.

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    #1 bird brain

    Sitting in dispatch working on a report.
    911 rings,, dispatcher answers "911 whats your emergency?" She listens for a minute then she kind of gets an odd look on her face and says "one of our deputies used to be a zoologist, let me have you talk to him" then puts the call on hold.

    "This lady says that a bird...... well uhh just talk to her please "

    Ummmm OK.

    She starts telling me a bird like she had never seen before just fell out of the sky dead in front of her. Bleeding from the mouth but no other signs of injury. She wanted to know if she should bag it so we can test it for some foreign disease or something.
    Keep in mind its dove season here and EVERYONE around here hunts.

    I explained feathers cover wounds maybe a few stray shot pellets hit it or a car clipped it etc and blood in the mouth is a sign of internal bleeding , it probably flew a bit after injury then died.

    Then she asked if I wanted it.

    #2 mommas gonna be mad!

    Dispatch calls and asks me to call a lady about her missing 40yr old son.
    She starts with no one has seen him for 3 days, she drove in from out of town to look for him, etc. Wants to file a missing persons report.
    I told her let me make a few calls first, that his girlfriends name sounded familiar.
    I made a couple of calls then call her back "maam , he's in jail in the next county"

    Her response "well shit"

    Case closed.

    #3 bad time and place to be DWI.

    Myself, the other on duty sheriffs deputy, the deputy Marshal and a state trooper are all sipping drinks and talking in front of a convenience store. Its 11:30 at night and we're bored as hell. 4 cops, 4 marked cop cars.
    Red pickup pulls in and goes to the side of the store, hinky move #1
    guy goes to get out and stands on the accelerator for like 3 seconds, engine screaming. There's hinky move #2
    Now he's got our attention. Then he leaves without going in- hinky move #3.
    We watch him pull out, the trooper says "watch him blow through the stop sign"
    Yup sure does. That's #4
    The marshal had gotten a new patrol Tahoe literally that day and he says "I'm gonna get him!" wanting to play with his new toy and takes off
    The rest of us kinda look at eachother with a 'why not' look, so we all jump in our vehicles and head out.
    He's all over the road and finally stops, 4 units surround him with lights going. Then another city unit just happens to come off the highway in front of us so he lines up too for a total of 5 marked units with lights going.
    We pull this poor, terrified, very intoxicated and very illegal guy out- do field sobriety etc and arrest him for dwi.
    Next day after INS picked him up the trustee at the jail comes up laughing and tells me the guy was all "wow they take drinking and driving serious around here! There was like 10 cops there!!"
    Trustee decides to mess with him too, tells him "man you got lucky , they shot the last one".
    That dude was soooo happy to see INS show up to get him!

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    Haldol Shuffle Wordgie's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    Aren't drunks the best story material?

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    Full moon last weekend.

    Had a guy call 911 claiming someone had put extra hay on the nests in his chicken coop.
    Plenty of other odd calls but that one was pretty weird

    Today was a reality kind of day.
    Guy in the next county decided he was gonna end it, called his wife said he was taking his shotgun and heading out to our county to commit suicide by cop.
    Head out towards the county line to go find him but luckily his county caught him before he could make it here. He got out of his truck with the gun twice and they didn't shoot him. In the end they talked him down and got him into custody.
    They knew him there and knew how far to let him go, we haven't dealt with him here before so it may have gone different here, probably why he wanted to come here to do it.

    Then an unattended death.
    Natural causes but definitely a reality smack upside the head.

    Finished the night out with simultaneous domestics.

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    I'd love to do a ride along! Give me a taser and I'm set!

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    Lookie what I got today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom View Post
    Lookie what I got today!

    Getting around in style now!
    2004 TJ

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    Dr. Dirty just won the Internet singehanded.

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    I know this isn't a cop story but, I thought it fit here.

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    my wife shit in my face, bit my dick, and my neighbor came out of the closet..

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    ok, yesterday/this morning was a good one.

    come on shift at 3pm - supposed to be on till midnight.
    The night before we found a pickup parked on the side of the road and the driver was committing a burglary, nice to stop one in the middle - anyway I'm sitting at my desk logging evidence, call comes out - semi rolled on the highway.
    shut down I-20 and work a wreck for the first couple hours of shift.
    then typical little calls all evening.
    Then about 11pm - close to end of shift like always, get a call for a known 10-96 subject dancing in the middle of the highway.
    10-96 means mental problems. This poor girl is a full blown schizophrenic and when off her meds, has total psychotic breaks, and she was very off of them.
    In full blown psychosis, lots of voices, making wild threats, claims of aliens, bizarre rambling, just noises etc then she got violent so we had to restrain her,take her in and wait for MHMR to come evaluate her and find a hospital that would take her. No way I'm off at midnight, gotta take care of her.
    She was too psychotic for the local treatment centers, so we had to take her to the state hospital in big spring, about 140 miles away.
    My wife was riding with me last night, always better to have a female along when transporting a female, so about 1:30 we head off to transport her to the psych facility.
    Tahoe is caged, but thats a long ride with a girl in the back screaming about protecting us from the aliens, killing us with every gun in texas, having screaming matches with non existent people, shaking the vehicle, kicking the cage, etc etc.
    I felt really bad for her, she was in a complete break.

    OK, interesting so far?

    Well about 40 miles into the trip - I'm running about 90 on the highway, all of a sudden theres smoke and sparks in the oncoming lane and here comes an 18 wheeler sliding on its side directly at us!
    I'm doing 90, he was going fast enough to roll it on a curve on the highway - things are happening pretty quick.
    he slides past us - the cable system in the middle of the highway did its job and he stayed on the east bound side - then it gets bad.

    I hit a wall of smoke and dirt cloud.
    solid, zero visibility
    at night
    at 90.

    I tried to remember what the road was like when I could see and drive through it by feel at speed.
    On the elevated dirt part of an overpass.
    We were through it in about 4 seconds, but thats forever when you have zero visibility at speed, I was driving by braille, feel the right tires change to grass, pull left and vice versa.
    Got mega lucky and came out the other side in one piece.

    Got on the radio and had our dispatch call it in to the county we were in, spun around and went back to the crash.

    left my wife in the unit with the 96 patient to go assess the situation.

    Trucks on its side, driver and passenger on board, one unhurt, the other with an injured hip.
    windshield is broken, so I take my ASP and my boot top open up a hole, that damn plastic laminate is tough!
    Got the glass smashed then used my trusty sog to cut chunks of it out.
    3 other vehicles have stopped and come to help by now.
    I boosted 2 guys up onto the side of the truck thats now on top to open the door, had the driver hand the mattress out of the sleeper out the top so I could line the hole in the windshield and drag the injured guy out.
    Oh yeah, one of the diesel tanks had ruptured and the trucks starting to smoke by now.

    Anyway, got the occupants out, drug the mattress with the injured guy about 40-50 feet away and then local fire and cops start showing up.

    I said to the first officer "You got this? I'm from Callahan County and was transporting to big spring psych"
    his response "ok bye"
    ummm, ok.

    get back in the tahoe, wife tells me the girl had been pretty oblivious until all of the flashing lights started then she went ballistic again that the lights were trying to kill her.
    So back on the road we go!

    Make it to the hospital, they come out and took one look at her and told me to drive up the sidewalk to get closer to the door and they would get the restraint chair ready.

    Luckily whenever I had hands-on with her, she was pretty compliant, so I take her out, walk her up the stairs and inside, they secured the doors, I sit her in the chair, they do the lap belt, I take the cuffs off, they do the rest of the restraints and I go to leave and she goes ballistic, but there was a team of nurses there to help her.

    I head up to the admin to do the paperwork, luckily uneventful trip home - emergency teams STILL have half the highway shut down and the truck is STILL lying there on it side a couple of hours later.
    Finally went 10-42 (end of shift) in my driveway at exactly 6AM.

    Just another day in the life of a sheriff's deputy.
    thankfully my wife was riding with me yesterday!
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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Damn busy evening. All I could think of you driving thru the smoke was Days of thunder LOL. Glad you guys were unscathed in what could have been really bad.

    Oh and Blue looks good on ya

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    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    Damn, dude, pucker factor infinity.

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

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    Yeah, just like that
    Except at night
    And with a chick in the back screaming at the man on her shoulder about letting him die.
    Scary as fuck!

    Im headed to the ranch to go play with an m-16 today for awhile :)



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