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Thread: cop stories

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    Haldol Shuffle Wordgie's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    I was working OT yesterday in a zone that can go from zero to a hundred in seconds flat. Up until 4pm I had one dispatched call. That call, though. Damn I hate these.

    "Reporting party found her grandson unresponsive ".

    I'm hoping for it to be an adult grandson. No such luck. 14 months old.

    While I was on the road and in investigations I saw my fair share of death. All ages, all sorts of methods. Kids, especially just don't get used to.

    Standing there, unable to do or say anything to the family was the worst feeling in the world. There is nothing I could've said that would make the pain go away and it was difficult seeing them struggle with not only the sudden loss of a young life but the need for the investigative process that needed to take place.

    Unfortunately I'm numb to emotions like this. It happens. I feel feelings come on and I turn to stone. The crime scene tech, someone I call a good friend, came on scene immediately after leaving another death scene involving an older hoarder who had been dead in his filth filled house for upwards of two weeks. He did his walk though of the baby's room and came out shaking with his eyes watering. I knew better than to ask if he was OK because I knew he wasn't. I just referred back to the previous death and said "rough weekend". "Yep...both ends of the spectrum". He left before he broke down.

    Early this morning the agency got a from a woman whose ex was taking a chain saw to her car. While she was on the phone with dispatchers he approached her and shot her. Deputies got on scene, went straight to her and got her to the hospital. As they were looking for him they heard a single gunshot. Yep. Whacked himself.

    Greg was still on call and went to that scene as well.

    Until you do this job, you never know the psychological injuries you'll take. You'll be visited by the ghosts every single day of your life.

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    After awhile, your definition of "ok" when someone asks, becomes drastically different from the rest of the world's.
    More appropriate to ask "repressing enough shit to cope with the outside world right now?"
    Just keep getting up and going back each day. Talk to people who understand the level of shit bouncing around in your psyche, brother officers, counselors, whoever.
    Ultimately the scars are on your brain to deal with, but you don't have to weather the storm alone.

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    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    On a slightly lighter note....

    If you choose to lie about your identity to the police.....
    Pick a name you can spell.

    Almost off a 12hr shift, I hear a city cop check out on traffic a block from me.
    She's pretty new boots so when I'm close I'll park across the street or whatever and just give her a little overwatch.
    I pull in and hear her say it's occupied 4 times.
    Well over watch just became cover and contact. She handles the contact, I'll cover the occupants.
    Long story short, 3 of the 4 goto jail. 1 had meth, 2 tried to give false names to avoid warrants.
    Kid swears his name is Joseph.
    Ok spell it for me ....
    J o p h fuck
    J o e p h fuck
    Cmon dude, spell your damn name for me!
    J o f p h
    Shut up and get in my Tahoe, you're going to jail to figure it out.
    <turd tries to toss a blunt, hucks his wallet across the parking lot with it>
    Smooth! I really almost didn't see that spectacle bro!!
    So now he's crying, flips out, admits there's a bag of weed under his sack.
    And his name?
    Turns out Joseph is actually spelled T y l e r.
    So possession of weed, fail to id, could have hung felony evidence tampering on him, all because he had a class c city warrant for drug paraphernalia.
    Which is equivalent to a speeding ticket and probably would not have checked for it anyway being as its a city warrant and not in the tcic system.
    Methmonkey dumbass.

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    Haldol Shuffle Wordgie's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida
    Those folks are more fun to mess with than to arrest sometimes.



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