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Thread: Luxury cars?

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    Luxury cars?

    I'm jumping the gun a little bit here, but next year I'm finally (hopefully) going to get mine. I've been an Audi freak since high school so of coarse I'm looking at the A8L or maybe even a S8. Not sure if it's because I'm getting old but damn I want a big luxury car so bad.

    Anybody have experience with these? Or what do you have? Post up pics and comments.

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    I saw one of these the other day on the way home from work

    BMW Alpina B7. It's a beast for a fast, large luxury car. I had to look it up. 193 top speed, twin turbo.


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    Buying used? Prepare for extremely high maintenance costs. I used to work at a VW/Audi dealer. We made a mint off of the Audi owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogie View Post
    Buying used? Prepare for extremely high maintenance costs. I used to work at a VW/Audi dealer. We made a mint off of the Audi owners.
    For sure if you have service done by others. Parts are actually very reasonable and all work will be done by me. People are scared of new cars but actually they are very easy to work on, just time consuming removing a bunch of shit just to get to it.

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    Yeah, owning an Audi is kind of like owning a Jeep. As long as you're prepared to do some work on it, you'll be fine. And I've always loved the S8.

    The Infiniti M series is nice and fast....but not a "big" car, so to speak. They perform well without having that ride like a cloud/caddy feel to them.

    Never been a big Lexus fan. Too much crossover with the Toyotas. Infiniti and Audi really tried to get away from that and have more original vehicles for their luxury line ups.

    Are you sticking around that range of vehicle price or possibly looking into some of the Maseratti sedans, etc?
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    I'm looking used for sure. A new S8 is over a 100k that's not gonna happen. I'm looking at a 2004-2006. They run about 15k for the A8L and double that for the S8. I do love the Quattroporte and it's very close to those prices, if I can find one for a crazy deal it might be hard to pass up.

    I think I will most likely stick with the A8L just so I have extra money to go through it all and freshen it up, plus add a few extra goodies.

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    I want one. My birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas is coming. Hint hint.
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    These cars are beautiful and extremely supportive in all the ways. Having them can be a helpful thing for those that are into automobile. In terms of the way it goes ahead using them is always working big time.



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