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    2009 MyGIG RER issues. Software? Hard Drive?

    I got a MyGig used from someone, updated it to the latest software, (2.404) and hooked it up with a Uconnect mic and ipod cable. Everything has been working as it should for about a month. Yesterday, I get a phone call and I couldn't answer it via the Uconnect. The phone was connected via Bluetooth, I saw the number displayed and heard the ringtone through the speakers. I push the Uconnect button and it tells me I'm not equipped with Uconnect. Weird, but I know these things act all wonky sometimes. I get home, unplug the battery for the night and try again this morning. Same issues and the music stored on the MyGig hard drive is also inaccessible. Next step was to reinstall software update, which happened without any problems also. Now, I have Uconnect capability, and can communicate with the Mygig via voice commands! However, I can't pair my iPhone 4S or my wife's Samsung "dumb" phone. It's like the Bluetooth is inoperable... no device discovery or anything. My HDD music is still inaccessible, but I have about 4 pictures loaded onto the HDD that I can still see. I'm stuck like Chuck over here, and I have too much invested in all this to cut sling load and get a decent unit. I'm hoping to avoid buying a new HDD until I'm sure that's the issue.
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    PRO TIP: Apparently, you have to move the vehicle because the all the Blueteeth settle at the bottom of the Unicorn pen. Just drive a little bit and it will agitate the MyGigoblins and they will dilligently build the invisible bridge to your phone.

    Still not sure why I can't see my HDD music though.

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    Well shit the mofv site seems to no longer exist. I think when you do an update there are two to do, one for the software and one for the DVD HDD. If you think you have updated the latter sometimes cycling the jeep on/ off a few times will work or run a few CDs through it sometimes will trigger it. I know when I had mine I had to update both. Hope this helps a little



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