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    Commonly Used Internet Forum Acronyms and Slang

    It can be difficult to understand some of the abbreviations or acronyms that you may run across within the walls of The Asylum. We put this together to help you find out what the "Internextperts" are talking about!


    IMO or IMHO - In My (Humble) Opinion: This is used to reiterate or clarify that what the person is stating is not a fact.

    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly: No hidden meaning here!

    YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary: This simply means that the results that you get from following advice could be different from the results of the person advising you.

    HGTD - Horribly Gone Thread Delete: This is the term used when someone deletes a thread that they began, usually because they did not get the response they desired, or the thread just plain backfires. There is a slight variation of this acronym within The Asylum, but be warned, it could be offensive.

    FIFY - Fixed It For You: Generally, this means that someone has altered someone else's words in a quote to reflect their own particular viewpoint. Your original post will remain unchanged.

    TLDR - Too Long, Didn't Read: This is a common response to a "wall of text" post. Don't ramble in your posts, say what you need to say and enjoy the responses.

    GTFO - Get The F*%# Out: This is often a response to a troll (see: troll)


    Troll - A person who's only purpose on the forum or in the thread is to stir people up. Often the obvious trolls are obvious. For example, if someone posts in a thread here saying that the Toylowda FJ Loser is a superior vehicle to the Jeep JK, you would be right to identify that person as a troll. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS with the posts that they're looking for! Just ignore them.

    Post Whore - This is a person that posts all the time for no real reason in order to increase that little number underneath their Username and avatar. This is all I have to say about that. Obviously, this doesn't apply to giveaway threads that encourage rampant posting.

    Moderator - Moderators are the people that keep the spam out and enforce the forum rules. They can issue infractions for harassing posts, modify or delete your posts and ban your username for any amount of time, to include forever. You have lucked out here at The Asylum... The moderators outside of the Beginner's Ward are very reasonable and would probably never ban anyone. There's a long, long story behind this, but the end result is paradise.
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    TOGTFO up a pic of some titties or get the fuck out of said thread.

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    HGTD is a homo ghey thread delete.

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    Best giveaway ever we should do this more often.



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