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    I get around gold knight's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Dawsonville, Ga

    Intermittent blower motor problem solved - weak tech but could happen to you too

    Just in case for anybody else has a false positive for major problems with the blower motor.

    We have been having an intermittent problem for about a month now. It seemed like the fan slowing down, it would get to the point that there was almost no air movement and suddenly surge back to normal.

    I noticed the the glove box was stuffed full of junk all jumbled around and full to the top. So on a whim I pulled it out. Right behind it is the air intake and a very large stack of fast food napkins. They had fallen over the back and were being sucked randomly against the grate.

    You don't want to know how close I was to buying a new fan motor or scheduling an appointment with the dealer to have it looked at.
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    Resident Askhole BenDrinken's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Kent, Washington
    Good Thinking Larry. I couldn' find my registration yesterdaay untl I took out the glove box. Super easy too.
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    Pastrami Prolapse Chris Hansen's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Southern Cal
    yeah.....I always freak out over a false positive
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    fyi for the future the blower motor is like 30-40 bucks and comes out with 3 Philips screws directly under glove box



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