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    New ranch truck - FS Bronco

    Ended up with a deal I couldnt pass up
    351M V-8, auto, 4x4
    traded a .357 Rossi revolver for it

    Black on one side

    Half assed camo on the other

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    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    Pastrami Prolapse Chris Hansen's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Southern Cal

    New ranch truck - FS Bronco

    Nice! I know a guy who can make you a rear bumper for it.
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    I'm thinking ditch the cap and the doors and use it out on the ranch for awhile, then maybe back half it into a buggy some day

    But that bumper was pretty pimp!

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    I get around gold knight's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Dawsonville, Ga
    Haha pretty sweet. You should use it for criminal activity. The conflicting witness vehicle descriptions could throw your future coworkers off the trail :)
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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Sweet I love Fullsize broncos

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    Spent some time with it today
    Got it fired up today, pulled the doors and the roof

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom View Post
    Spent some time with it today
    Got it fired up today, pulled the doors and the roof

    Nice! Gonna cammo the rest of it?
    2004 TJ

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    Yeah gotta get some paint and finish it out.
    I still need to put the new fuel pump in it.
    But I poured some gas in the carb today and it fired right up so that made me happy.

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    Nice score. I find myself looking at first gen fullsize Broncos all the time on Craigslist (1978-79). I can't imagine ever getting one though... What would the neighbors think?
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    If I were to be around you and you smelled like cake then I probably would retract my statement about disliking you.
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    got it running a few days ago - made a blockoff plate for the block in place of the mechanical pump, stuck a generic electric on it.
    Then the T-case wouldnt go into gear.
    Me and CJB321 finally pulled the case today, when I pulled the plug to drain the fluid, massive chinks came out - not good.
    Got it out and cracked it open and the planetary set is trashed among other things.

    Soooo anyone have an NP208 laying around cheap??

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    Under Observation Pygeum's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    Surf City, Cali
    Nice find! Plenty of fun to be had with this one!

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    Haldol Shuffle Ogie's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Dec 2011
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Be a true nonconformist - mount a snowplow on it.



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