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    Beadlock (Hutchinson specifically) Questions

    Long Story Short, my wheels won't hold air. They used to hold air, but I fiddle-fucked them enough to where they won't. Three of them hold air just fine, with no issues at all... but two of them lose air fairly quickly. I think the issue may be that I've pulled them apart A LOT when I was trying the airsoft bb balance. It didn't work for me, so I had them traditionally balanced with great success.

    Now, when I say I pulled them apart, what really happened is that I wedged a prybar in there to give me some separation to add, then eventually remove all these bbs. There's no easy way to fully separate the wheels from the tire that I am aware of. (right, Scott?) I think I may have gouged the machined surface where the rubber O-ring seals the wheel. I have tried spraying the soapy water, and it's leaking from about five of the studs (all in a row). I've used fine sand paper to get most of the gouge out, and it has improved the air holding... but it's still not perfect. Does anyone have any suggestions short of dismantling the wheels?
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    Oh, I won't be around my jeep for a few more months, so take your time to answer.

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    I ended up ordering a set of tyrepliers and a new set of rubber O-rings. The rep at Hutchinson said that these rings can flatten out pretty quickly, and are good for one-time use only. Seems legit, I just didn't want to go through the ass-pain of separating the wheels/tires. I called my local off road shop, and they want 75 per wheel to do it. Fuck that. This tool was about 145, and makes it look easy.

    Check out the awesome narration. Is this a good voice for Australians? I get all tingly every time he says "bead"

    Here's the series of youtube vids that sold me on the tyre pliers. I think the guy is a Toyota dude, but using this tool makes it look so easy.

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