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    New trailer maker in Ohio

    Found a new trailer maker in Ohio "Manley"
    They are built in size like the original Military M416 and Bantam trailers.
    Nice looking trailers.
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    Trailer looks pretty nice, seems pretty expensive though, I guess most of them out these days are $$
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    I've talked with this guy a bit. He seems like a solid dude with solid trailers. Prices are right - about half of what an AT trailer costs.

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    Nov 2011
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    Got one or sale for $1000. Not an M416 - but close enough.

    I dont get the prices on these things. You can go buy a badass brand new utility trailer that's 3x that size for that kind of money.

    These pipes.....are CLEAAAN!!!

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    Hey all, I got turned onto this thread from a Facebook post. I appreciate the feedback and definitely understand the thoughts on the cost. All I can say in regards to the prices is; no one is burning $100 bills over here for fun!

    Honestly, even at these prices our margins are not where i would like them to be yet. Hopefully as volume increases we can increase pressure on our supply chain and get there. We are not building these out of our garage; we have a building with 40 trailers in inventory (some assembled, some not), liability insurance, employees, accountants, lawyers, R&D, marketing, advertising, web design, branding, business cards, sell sheets, spec sheets, stickers and t-shirts to hand out at shows.

    We are doing this the correct way, 2.5 years of R&D, we are patent pending on our tailgate, lid and rack design... we have inventory and a customer can pick their trailer up the same day they pay for it! Get a VIN and an MCO so they can finance it and register it.

    Looking at the competition such as Adventure Trailer, Sierra Trailer, Offroad Trailerz, Ruger Trailers, Pikes Peak Trailers.... I think you will see we are priced very competitively in the market place. $2995 for a trailer ready to roll isn't too bad; even compared to restoring a 1/4 ton military trailer.

    Again I truly appreciate the feedback and cool website. I have a 2 door JK that I wheel and it's my 5th Jeep (93XJ, 98ZJ5.9, 02WJ, 05TJ, 08JK), I'm a Jeep guy through and through.

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    Manley ORV Company™ - We manufacture offroad capable utility & camping trailers.
    Josh Manley - Owner
    Jason - Sales & Operation Manager
    Ben - R&D, Fabrication, Assembly

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    I get around gold knight's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Dawsonville, Ga
    I haven't researched, not sure about pricing compared to other similar trailers but I do like that you offer the option of fully made in the USA.
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    ........Again I truly appreciate the feedback and cool website. I have a 2 door JK that I wheel and it's my 5th Jeep (93XJ, 98ZJ5.9, 02WJ, 05TJ, 08JK), I'm a Jeep guy through and through.

    Well then Josh you know what that means right? Time for a welcome thread. :wink:

    Welcome to Jeep Asylum, good to have you. Nice Jeeps.
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    My other hobbies include: Older cars and trucks; Spending money on unfinished projects, and continuing to not finish them...
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    Thanks gold knight; appreciate the welcome:toast:

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    welcome from another Josh
    Hands up, Don't shoot!



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