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    Trailer Queen Trailer

    What is everyone using to tow their JK on? I see a lot of 18' trailers have a gross limit of 7000 lbs and most seem to weigh in around 2000 lbs, so that is a tight squeeze to fit a JK on there. Any recommendations?

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    I went with a 20' 10k for that reason.. I wanted the extra space for a box (parts etc...) and fuel storage plus I use it for the deer camp etc... it is really nice to have a 20' trailer..... I use it more than I thought I would.

    Go wide.. as wide as you can though.

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    Thanks. 20' may be the answer, although my pickup is only rated for 8k towing capacity so I'm trying to keep the weight down. I'm 83.5" outside tire to outside tire, so it's going to be a squeeze on a 83" wide trailer, but just about doable.

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    Just make sure it is going to fit. You can find "wide" ones if you ask around but they are not standard.

    I cannot go any wider with my axles or it won't fit on the trailer.....

    Consider a car hauler unless you "need" the rails... I wanted the rails and sometimes wish I had gone flatbed..

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    83" seems to be about as wide as I've found unless you deck over, and I don't want my Jeep that high. Some have removable fenders which may help in getting the Jeep on, but as long as it is 83" I think it will just squeeze on. I'm definitely going flatbed with no rails, most probably wooden deck too, as it keeps the weight down a little and is so much safer than a slippy steel deck if it's wet/muddy. Thanks.

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    They are spendy but if you are pulling with a 1500, which is sounds like you are w a 8000 lb limit, check out the aluminum trailers. I looked at an 18 footer recently that only weighed 1400 pounds.
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    ^^^ The aluminum trailers are sweet!!! They were out of my price range but the ability to move them around, even with my mower, would be nice.

    Mine is 83" - I was thinking about the goose neck trailers that I was looking at when I posted the "go wider" comment - I forgot about that minor detail. I was leaning towards the goose for the maneuverability but in the end I didn't think I would use it enough to justify the extra cost - same thing for the aluminum.

    At 83" mine is a tight fit with the rails - if you go flatbed then you won't have any problems unless you need to drive over the wheels - then just make sure that the plate can handle it. That stuff can be easily reinforced too.

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    I looked at aluminum trailers, and they are nice, but I can't justify the money for something I'll only use half a dozen times a year. Yeah, it's a 1500, the 6.2L can easily pull way more than 8k lbs, but the frame of my truck may not be able to :-D

    I'm going to run my JK on a weigh bridge just as soon as I've fixed it, and see how much it weighs. Which I guess will make the decision on which trailer to get for me. It may have to be aluminum, but I'm hoping with the doors off and all my junk out the back it won't be too bad. A 10k trailer is likely going to be the answer though.



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