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    metal shavings on rear wheel speed sensor??

    had a code saying i had a bar rear wheel speed sensor so i pulled it (which was a pain in the ass as it was really hard to pull out) when i did get it out the ends had metal shavings on it. think this is normal? 67k miles, i havent drove it yet to see if the codes gone.

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Yes its normal.... Have had to change like 4 of them lol good thing they are cheap.

    Mine have looked like this each time.... Freaking superior shafts

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    guess the sensor wasent the prboblem, still kicking the same codes. Anyideas?

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    Check the condition of the wire. Mine got pinched in the coil once.

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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Yeah i have also destroyed the wires a couple times :(

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    may have figured it out. It seemd my caliper or pad was hung up causeing the inside pad to wear out completly down to metal on metal the shavings were all stuck on the sensor, i cleaned it off, replaced the rotor and pads and cleaned up the caliper bolts and pad slides and lubed them up and its been fine all day. i guess well see but i think all the metal shavings were messing up the sensor.

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    nope, lights came back on today.

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    figure id updates this, i dont know what happened but the lights havent been on in a few weeks. im sure they will come back on soon as i need a inspection

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    Bat Shit Crazy tcDawg's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Woodstock, Ga
    My lights came on after a pretty hard "pre run" down the mountain in Harlan. When I plugged in my Flashpaq to read the code it told me the left front wheel sensor was bad. Ordered a new one from jeep, was also pleasantly surprised that it was only $15, and installed it. Lights went out after about a tenth of mile on the road, haven't come back since.

    I inspected the old wheel speed sensor that I removed and couldn't find any damage on the sensor or along the wires. I cut the wire sheath open and there are two individually wrapped wires in there, pretty small gauge maybe 18. Not sure why mine was bad.
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