Since I have so much technical knowledge to offer you guys, I figured I would start off with my highly sought after mirror mod.

I work at a Navy Base and when I take my doors off, they stop you at the gate, strip search you (full cavity sometimes), Waterboard you, and make you turn around and go home if you do not have at least a drivers' side mirror. So one day the above happened and I thought long and hard about how I could come up with a solution.

With my Dunce Cap turned on full blast, I went to home depot and Pep Boys and pick up these parts.

I then crimped the little chrome looking bracket thing with some pliers to fit the required circumference.

Next step is to install bolt into the hole! Make sure your nuts fit tight against the hole. If it is not tight it will slap the hole and make lots of noise when driving faster.

Then take your other nut and put it 17 1/2 threads down. This is important! If it is 17 3/4 or 17 3/8 you will be totally screwed!

Top it off with your last nut and screw it down good!

Ha-ha! Look at that! It works, and now I can get on Base with no issues.

And the best part is, it stows away in you JK's Vagina for repeated use.

Now the cost of this project was less than 7 bucks, and you may be able to get it cheaper depending on how well you know the Pep Boys guys. Now this thing sucks on the highway or at any speed above like 60, but it gets me around town just fucking fine thank you. And I don't want ot hear any bullshit about how you could have done it better, or maybe I should have put little rubber washers in between where the bolt goes into the door hinge, becuase I already know that!

What now............Haters!!

Stay tuned for my next installment of hard core tech! I plan on making these old rusty bike pegs into.......well......Jeep pegs.