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    Nov 2011
    Pensacola naval base checking out the mens in uniform

    Perdido River WMA in Southern Alabama

    So since I had a day off for the guy who didn't find America, my kid had school, and me and the wife have not had a day off together in like 6 years without a kid, we decided to check out the Perdido River Wildlife Management Area in Alabama for a little alone time in the woods.

    First of all, it's free and no pass is required unless you are hunting, and you can only hunt on specific days. That in itself was great considering we wouldn't have to dodge bullets or arrows while riding. The area runs right along the river with some 18,000 acres of kind of logging/hunting/fire trails. Nothing very extreme that we could find, no major obstacles, but it was a great time. They have a very crude map at the check in station that is about useless. Some of the trails are marked with road signs, but really you are on your own to not get lost. We didn't get lost too many times, so it can't be that hard.

    Most of the trails are a sandy base, some real sandy like beach sand, and there are a few gravel roads which I about hated after a while. Rattled my junk so much, I lost a nut to my sway bar link. We found a couple of cool little creek crossings and a way to get down to the river with a real nice sand bar to chill out on. Water was cold as shit, but if you really wanted to go swimming, you could have.

    All in all, it was a good time. It was real dry and dusty, but with a little rain, it might been a lot more fun. It would be a great place to maybe do a ride and eat some lunch by the river, maybe swim, but nothing to really flex out on or anything. Unlike Florida who has an identical piece of land across the river which even Bear Grylls couldn't sneeze in, Alabama is really stepping it up with public land use. They are buying and opening public land all the time. I found a bunch more properties on their website.

    Here are some links:

    To Perdido WMA:

    Map of Perdido WMA (It sucks):

    Other areas in Alabama:

    Main Website:

    ^ Tons of great info on their site. I could read though it all day.

    Now I know you want pics. I only got a couple, because I was.......well........busy, but here:

    Wife (nice shirt)

    My Ugly Ass (nice shirt)

    My Sliver Shitbox (nice straps)

    That is all..............................unitll next time.

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    Bat Shit Crazy Obstruction of Justice's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    High Dezert CA
    Nice pics, I've got a thing for tight white pants.



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