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    Asshole At Large Bat Shit Crazy Karnuvore's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Winter Haven, FL



    That's awesome. We are very pleased with how quickly this forum is taking off. And our hosts are apparently very pleased as well. They are going up on our monthly rates secondary to all the traffic that flows through this site.

    Full disclosure here: they are going up from ~$30/month to ~$90/month. Jake and I have been winging it as is. But that's getting steeper.

    For those of you that have supported us by purchasing memberships or vendor accounts - thank you so much. We are not in this to get rich - we just wanna stick it to all the asshole sites out there that babysit you and make you do EXACTLY what they want you to do. The sites that are corporate owned or dictatorships steering you towards pre-approved products that pay for our blessings.

    You know what we're talking about. It's disgusting. Fuck em.

    I'll be honest - we've had behind the scenes problems here (not with our vendors). Some outside vendors have complained about the truth being told in some of our threads. You get that? They are not used to FREE FLOW OF information. Like what I am saying right now.

    Anyways - what can you do to help? A membership would be nice. Helping us spread the word would be nice. Supporting our vendors would be very nice. That's all we're asking. And a chance to prove that this site wont sell out like the rest of them.

    These pipes.....are CLEAAAN!!!

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    Powered By power bottoms jkristie44's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Pensacola naval base checking out the mens in uniform
    best sig gif ever!

    Now help the worthy cause you instigators!



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