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Thread: Oil leak help

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    Haldol Shuffle Wordgie's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    East Central Florida

    Oil leak help

    '99 TJ, 4.0, auto, hardly driven and not abused, 90someK miles. It seems like the leak is more pronounced after its been driven. As it sits, the puddle dries up.

    Noticed a small puddle of oil under the skid plate, checked it out and it had a pretty decent puddle of oil in it. There was no visible leak and it had been sitting a while, so I'm sure it wasn't bleeding out. I'm thinking rear main seal or valve cover gasket. Got under it tonight and didn't see anything obvious around the trans/block area. Looked up and say a stain, not fresh leak, around the back driver side corner of the valve cover. No big trail down the block, but really couldn't see too well.

    I got down to the transmission and saw a large accumulation of oil all over the top of it toward the rear and drip trails down the sides. Still nothing actively dripping, but a HUGE amount of old oil coagulating. As I followed the puddle, I located a hose/cable that appeared to be cut. It's on the driver side of the transmission directly above the back side of the trans pan. I can't tell if it's a small hose or cable such as a sending unit or sensor. I'm getting no codes and all the gauges seem to be working and It doesn't seem like this i the origin of the leak.

    Here's a pic of it. It's the black thing bent up at a 45 and looks almost like a coax cable.

    Any ideas?

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    I know on my last jeep, a YJ, i always had to replace the rear seal

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    Dec 2011
    Eglin AFB
    hmmm. i had a leak on mine that ran down the back of the motor and dripped from the bellhousing. i thought it was the rms. turned out it was the valve cover gasket. fixed that one. now the rms is leaking. wtf

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    When I had a leak on my TJ I hit it really good with degreaser and let it dry. Maybe that will help you see where it's coming from. Mine was the rear main.
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