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Thread: TJ Build

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    TJ Build

    Well not really a Build just cleaning her up.

    Well I thought it would be cool to start a thread on what is being done on the TJ. Nothing major yet but I will post Pics of the progress.

    I started sanding down the Body Armor to repaint it.

    I still have some more sanding the paint. I am going to hit it with Osflow then paint. Any one ever use Osflow? Is it better than hitting it with a Spray Primer?

    Well got it primed today and then Painted. Here is some a pic of it primed. Sorry didn't take but one Pic of it primed. I will post pics of it painted in a little bit.

    It was alot of prep work and alot of sanding. I sanded it down to almost complete metal and hit it with 3 coats of primer. The taping and masking seems like it took forever.
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    Well here are the pics from the finished Product. I'm very happy how it turned Out alot better than Before.

    I also painted the door Sill (Not sure the Spelling)

    The only things is it seems to have spots that are shinier than others. Hopefully the sun will take care of that. Thats after 3 coats of paint.

    Well earlier today I was able to complete The SPOD install and it went great. I must say they make a great product.

    The wires are going to be wrapped with that Black wire thingy (Not Sure what It's called) But I have to still run my 4 Lights

    I like the New shift Knob

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    Well Yesterday I decided to Build the enclosure for the rear in order to have some storage and my Sub Box.
    The start

    In Order to make it fit a Had to do it in two Halves

    There is not alot of Storage but enough for my essentials

    In order to attach it to the sides I used Aluminum Channels which I bolted to the sides

    Since I had to Halves and I wasPutting Indoor/Outdoor Carpet on the top I had to able to screw it down to the top of the Sub Box and also able to remove it when needed. I found this at Home Depot and thought it would work well to cover the seam.

    I also Put support as Close to the rear Roll Bar as Possible In order to put a cooler and other stuff on Top.

    If all that wasn't hard enough the sub box was 1/2 an Inch to tall so I had the to redo the Box take 1/2 in off bottom

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    The biggest Issue I had was at the rear Tail Gate. I wanted to be able to close the rear Tail Gate and have it Flush with the top but with the hard top I wasn't able to close the rear window so I had to shorten it up a little. I have to figure something later :(

    Pics of the front.

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    Your jeep is too hard to get in and out of. Can you lower it for me please?
    It's not for "TALL" people



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