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    Nicely done!

    '07 JK Unlimited Rubicon
    Steel Blue
    Lift, tires, bumpers, the usual mods......... and 2 extra cylinders

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    little more work done tonight, trying to get things ready for a tv show I'm filming for on wednesday.
    Welded up a new trailer jack mount
    finally mounted and hardwired the inverter
    pulled the power switch and power led off of the end panel and relocated them to the outside of the rocket box

    and this may or may not have been a mistake...
    I found a gallon of green paint in my shop - probably about 15 years old.
    I used an exacto and cut the 1/4" thick layer of dried paint off the top of the liquid paint below it, stirred it and it looked like paint at that point so I threw a coat on the deck.
    Hopefully it will dry at some point....

    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    Dec 2011
    Santa Clarita, CA
    Anymore updates? I really like this bulid.
    Quote Originally Posted by BCarr View Post
    Hell....I've probably handled yours more than you have

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    nice, this will motivate me to do some more work to my 101a3. I'm taking of the surge assembly and welding on a channel and lunette ring, that should cut some of the weight down for me, and it should tow level instead of tilting forward and I can keep my spare on the jeep. I really like your idea of the folding tent platform, I have been thinking of ways to do this on mine
    Hands up, Don't shoot!

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    Glad y'all are liking it!

    Well the paint dried!
    That was a plus.

    But I fucked up.
    I welded up a new jack mount of the front. Basically just a piece of pipe that the jack pinned onto.
    Nothing major. Well the pipe I used was something I found and it was something weird. Heavy wall but burned through if I touched it with the welder. I got it welded on good enough for the tv gig.
    Got everything done.
    Was even leaving on time for day 1 of shooting.
    Went out n hooked up the trailer that morning and drove through the yard and felt a jerk.
    Dumbass me had left the jack down.
    Tore the mount off.
    So I scabbed it back together and ended up running a half hour late.
    Was wearing decent clothes and didn't have time to change.
    Welding in a hurry laying under a trailer tongue with no shirt on hurts!

    Tv crew loved it tho.
    Everyone there was taking cell phone pics of the bumper dumper.
    Didn't even unhook it from the jeep. Just shot a bunch if rolling and static footage with it hooked up so the jack wasn't even needed.
    Just flipped it open and stuck a shooting bench on it hooked up to the jeep with the AR-50 on it.

    But I need to rebuild the jack mount again.



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