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    Couple of military trailer builds - lifted M416, G518 adventure trailer conversion

    Start with the 416.....

    it was in pretty good shape when I got it so I didnt want to cut it up to bad yet so I went with a semi - restored look.
    This is my main Jeep trailer for general use - picking up firewood, etc.
    Tows like its not even there.

    main mods:
    lined with roll on bedliner
    made a metal frame to put the canvas cover on so it looks like canvas but works like a lid
    springover lift - re-used all original parts, only this I had to change was bump stops - used factory Ford F-150 front stops I had laying around.
    used a factory JK spare carrier and blown unit bearing to make a front mounted spare tire carrier

    The G-518 was a little more of a build.
    The G-518 or Ben Hur trailer is a 4'x8'. 1 ton trailer, I used it for the adventure trailer because its a little bigger and I wanted to build a big tent platform. Plus like most military trailers - it has brakes.
    it was in OK shape upon purchase....

    someone had butchered the lunette and half assed a ball socket onto it - cut that off and reattached a lunette, modded the lunette mount to allow +/- 45 degrees of articulation.
    Also since it was rated as 1 ton trailer, I took a couple of leaves out of the spring packs to soften it up a little.

    Built a hinged tent platform for the top that opens butterfly style to form an 8'x10' tent platform. It's also hinged in the front for cargo access.

    Has a battery box and a 2KW inverter on board, and a removable 8' light mast that mounts to the corner for a "porch light"

    its still in progress, I need to ditch those mankiller split ring wheels, still need to cover the deck with astroturf/indoor outdoor carpet.
    Also going to build a tool box int he front to work as a step - you enter and exit from the front so you step down onto the toolbox, then onto the frame, then a toolbox or milk crate as a step between there and the ground.
    thinking about water storage with a 12v pump for a shower.
    I'm gonna weld on a couple of 2" receivers on the back for accessories like a smoker and a bumper dumper.

    Tows great, a lot heavier than the 416 - you know its back there but its not bad.
    I did the platform deal instead of a "real" rooftop style tent because theyre a LOT cheaper - I think I paid $50 shipped for mine, plus theyre a lot bigger. This one has an 8'x10' foot print so theres plenty of room for my big ass to sleep without crushing the wife or the dog.

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    Under Observation josh_jacklyn's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Jan 2012
    joplin, MO
    fawking bad ass thats all i have to say!
    2011 stock mango tango jku with color matched top.

    r.i.p. 08 2dr x

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    Very Nice.
    Http:// Give him a try for your Offroading Needs.
    Quote Originally Posted by gold knight View Post
    lol, I'm rich with family and friends. Just let us know and we will make it so.:toast:

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    Oh yeah, forgot to mention - total cost so far for the adventure trailer INCLUDING original trailer purchase and the inverter and stuff is under $500
    I picked up the trailer for $250 and had a bunch of 1" square tubing steel I scavenged from an old awning.

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    • Quote Originally Posted by Venom View Post
      Oh yeah, forgot to mention - total cost so far for the adventure trailer INCLUDING original trailer purchase and the inverter and stuff is under $500
    Quote Originally Posted by Venom View Post
    I picked up the trailer for $250 and had a bunch of 1" square tubing steel I scavenged from an old awning.
    Yeah well you guys with tools and shops and equipment and knowledge just piss me off. I get to pay full price for everything! :taz:

    Seriously, nice job, very envious.

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    but think about it this way... for the difference you end up paying, you can buy tools :chainsaw:
    the shop was the main reason I bought the house I live in now
    teach yourself or make friends with people who know how and have them show you stuff
    thats how I did it!

    hell, I make it up as I go most of the time or think of an idea while :poop:

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    Asshole At Large Bat Shit Crazy Karnuvore's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Winter Haven, FL
    Very nice. I'm sitting on two trailers right now with about 1000 different ideas swirling in my head. Probably trading one of them for a down payment on a travel trailer though (ahem Greengo ahem).
    These pipes.....are CLEAAAN!!!

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    Jester Offroad Jester's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Winter Haven, Florida
    I may have a 1969 M101A1trailer up for grabs. Solid and Pulls great just needs TLC.

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    Dug it back out to give it some TLC before Katemcy mem day weekend.
    It got mothballed and never even used yet!

    can I get my meds in a Princess Leia Pez dispenser please?

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    Thats great! Thats some cool trailers

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    Very nice

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    added a military rocket box to the front for a battery box/toolbox/step to get in and just welded up a water carrier for the side

    here it is broke down and ready to travel.

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    Haldol Shuffle KILLING FLOOR's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Shakedown Street
    Nice looking trailer.
    I Love The Life I Live, I Live The Life I Love

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    Having two trailers is tough. wouldnt be wanting to sell one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREYBEARDSJK View Post
    Having two trailers is tough. wouldnt be wanting to sell one?
    i got dibs on the 416 if he's going to sell it! :tongueout:

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    Great Job... look good.. let us know how it functions over the holiday weekend..
    Only the insane have strength enough to survive. Only the survivors determine what is sane.

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    trailer did fine except for the tires
    gonna convert it over to 5x5 bolt pattern and use my stock rubi wheels w 35" mud grapplers

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    well after the Katemcy trip crap, no more split ring rim BS!
    built a new axle for it, drilled out the centers of a couple of my stock rubi rims with my old 35" grapplers on them
    still a couple more things to do on it, but thermometer said just over 118 in the shop so I came in.

    standing on its ass getting the new axle built & installed

    back on the ground

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    here it is on the ground and behind the Jeep with its new axle and rollers - 35" mud graps



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