Any tech is good tech. If you are new to your JK and have any questions or want further elaboration on how to do anything in my writeups, PM me and I'll be glad to help.

First, there are two circular bolts that must be removed. These are located behind the front seats, in the plastic bar that holds the speakers, one on each side of the dome light. These are added securing measures, so it's not a deal breaker if they're not there

Next, we have to remove the DRIVER's side Freedom Panel (the piece right above our heads when we're driving. On the roof, there are 2 turning latches in the center, and one just above and behind your head. These will turn in only one direction. There's also a turning latch over on the passenger side as well, so let's go ahead and turn that one also, but the driver's side MUST be removed first.

Now, lower the sun visors, unclip them, and turn them towards the center of the Jeep. Unlatch the metal latches that attach the freedom panels to the Jeep's windshield frame.

Now you can remove the Freedom Panels... They're pretty light, just remember that you MUST remove the driver's side first and replace the passenger side first when you re install the top. DO NOT DISCARD YOUR FREEDOM PANELS!

Next, I like to open the back glass and look immediately to the left. There's probably going to be an electrical harness connection and a washer fluid hose that is attached to rear wall of your hardtop. These are easy to remove: just slide the red tab up and firmly grip the tab near the bend of the connection. It may take a little wigglin', but it will slide out. Don't forget to put the plug in the Washer fluid hose to prevent leakage.

Now, there are 6 torx bolts that take a #25 bit along the sides of the hardtop. These hold the rear of the hardtop to the body. These must be removed in order to remove the hardtop. (When I replace my hardtop, I finger tighten these only, because over tightening can crack the hardtop)

Now get a strong helper (or two) and LIFT the hardtop off. Sliding it is unpossible due to the pins in the front that help hold the top on. Then set the top down gently on an awesome blanket, like this one, to protect the rubber seals from tearing on concrete.