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    Viking's build... 2011 JKU Rubicon

    Regretfully I had to sell this JK, but I have a feeling the new owner will be a converted Jeeper after he takes it out and beats on it. Changes coming to the Viking household soon!

    Here's a recent picture of the JK at Blaise Canyon near Lake Martinez 11/10/2014. All mods are documented in the thread.

    Since my JK is (was) so young, I figured it'd be best to start a thread now instead of down the road. It should be growing up pretty fast and I look forward to keeping a record of my progress in this thread! It'll be easy to use for reference, and might even aid people searching for pictures! Here we go...

    2011 Green JKU Rubicon
    Brand New! Purchased from Rancho Jeep in San Diego

    Wheel Spacers Added

    Rough Country 1.25" Body Lift
    Smittybilt XRC Bumpers with Tire Carrier

    Put my Wife to work too!

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    OR Fab Sport Cage Installed

    Rear Storage & Sleeping Area Prototyped and used the following weekend

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    CB Installed

    Rock Lights Installed
    4 Green Oznium High-Intensity LED Flood Lights

    Spider Web Shade & DIY back seat grab handles..

    So I came across a spiderweb top on craigslist for cheap, never head of them but decided it might be just what I need for shade with the windshield down. Anyway I secured the front of the top to the OR Fab roll cage bar and to the back of the rear spreader bar. This way nothing connects to the windshield so when it's down I'll still have shade for my white ass.. I can easily put the hard top on over the spiderwebshade which I love. I pretty much intend to leave it on all the time :thumbs: Here's the pics..

    I finally put the factory Jeep handles on the center spreader bars for the roll cage. For the back seat grab handles I used some old grips from elastic work out bands. Worked out great! Here's the pics...

    Front Jeep handles

    Back DIY handles

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    Update 01/17/2012

    Last week was huge! I got the tent trailer shipped and my lift kit arrived the same day!

    I built the trailer on Tuesday and I was able to install the lift with the help from a friend just in time to go enjoy both this weekend! I went to my firewood guy and loaded up the whole rear space of the trailer with logs. The trailer pulled just fine, had some very strong winds and didn't have an issue. My only issue is the hamster under my hood. Overall had an awesome weekend, I just need to tweak a couple things with the lift.

    For reference, my lift is a RK 3.5" X-Factor mid arm, Smittybilt rear bumper and I'm using a 6" drop receiver hitch.

    The Lifted Jeep and the Trailer..

    Update 1/31/2012

    New ECU and Diablo Sport Predator tuner from RPMExtreme!
    As we all know until recently there hasn't been an option to tune 2011 JK's. I decided to try out the replacement ECU and Tuner from Jon at RPMExtreme. I asked a ton of questions in his vendor's market place thread found here...

    The install was very easy, here's picture details.

    - Disconnect the battery..
    - Locate the factory ECU, remove the 4 harnesses and then the three bolts holding the ECU in place.
    - Install new ECU, don't forget the ground wire located on the top inside screw for the ECU
    - Connect color coded wires.
    - Connect battery. DONE!

    Color Coded Plugs..

    New ECU

    Reinstall in reverse order.

    Now the good stuff!

    I installed the 91 Octane performance tune because that's our premium here in San Diego. What a difference! The Jeep doesn't slow down when it shifts into overdrive anymore! The overall driveability is drastically improved. I haven't played with the tunes at all yet. Just plugged in that one and drove off!
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    **Update 2/1/2012**

    Installed Nemesis Industries front shock relocation brackets.

    The install went pretty smooth, I sprayed some black rust protection paint on the axle in a couple places that were showing signs of wear after my last trip to big bear and a couple trail runs. My axle is a little bit forward of where it needs to be so I don't have a perfect perpendicular setup. I'm not too concerned about it though, maybe I'll fix it when I pull my rear axle forward a little bit too. Either way my biggest concern is taken care of, which was the shock hitting the frame rails when the suspension droops, there should be plenty of room in between the shock and the frame now. Hopefully I'll be able to test it out this weekend to be certain but it looks really good! Here's the pics..

    Drivers Side Stock..

    Drivers Side Installed..

    Passenger Side Installed..

    Looks like we decided on our wheel colors when they arrive. I can't wait to start painting them. The rock rings will be green and the centers will be black.

    I also completely disabled the stability program, took me a couple tries but it looks like it worked out! Here's the instructions I followed.

    1: Shift transfer case into the 4h position
    2: Turn the steering wheel until it is centered and the wheels are pointed straight ahead
    3: Cycle the Ignition key off to on
    4: Wait approximately five seconds for the system bulb check
    5: Turn and hold the steering wheel one half turn to the right(clockwise)
    6: press and hold the ESP OFF button for seven seconds(i believe a chime sounds)
    7: Turn the steering wheel back center, and turn and hold an additional one half turn to the left(counter clockwise)
    8: Press and hold the ESP OFF for seven seconds
    9: turn the steering wheel back to center
    10: Press and hold the ESP OFF button for seven seconds
    11: Cycle the ignition key to off

    After performing the ESP disable procedure correctly, ESP OFF will be displayed in the odometer for app. 12 seconds each time the ignition is moved to ON. Repeating the ESP disable procedure will re-enable normal ESP operations

    ***Update 02-09-2012
    Off Road Evo Rock Star Rear Control Arm Skids/Shock Relocation
    Ordered from Dave at Northridge yesterday afternoon 3:30 ish, and they arrived before noon today! Shipped from right up the road at EVO, but damn talk about fast! The install was much more tedious than I had anticipated but I am happy with the way they turned out! Even my wife was asking why it took so long for something that appears to be pretty straight forward. I'm an amateur I suppose. Anyway here's the pics... (I'll add some more pics later, It's sleepy time)

    Doing work..

    All done!

    **** 2/16/2012
    Front C Gussets

    Front Control Arm Skids

    Rear track bar bracket welded in

    Trail Worthy Fab recentered H1 wheels with Wicked rock rings and Grooved BFG Baja 37's!

    Current inbound mods...
    **River Raider Complete Skid System with EVAP Skid - (Arriving Wednesday!)
    **Dana 44 Front and Rear Diff Covers from SOLID - (Here waiting to install)
    **Lube Lockers for new Diff Covers - (Already ordered waiting on arrival)
    **Nth Degree Rear Diff Slider - (Already ordered waiting on arrival)

    Future plans... (if you've got any of this for sale, or suggestions PM me)
    Factory Spare D44 Shafts front and rear
    Gears 5.38's
    Removeable Mud Flaps
    Steering upgrade
    12k winch
    EZ-Rack with Rotax/hi-lift/shovel/axe
    Trail Mods Removable Fender Flares
    Flood lights for front & rear
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    Update 2-22-2-12

    Installed a Fire extinguisher.

    Finally carpeted (the top) and painted (the inside) rear storage solution I created. I think it turned out really well, haven't seen in the daylight yet though.

    Also started painting the RROR skid system.

    **Update 2-29-2012 Leap year!**
    Been a extremely busy wrenching this past week!!

    River Raider Skids installed..

    River Raider EVAP Skid..

    Front and Rear Diff Covers..

    AEV Rear Slider..
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    Leap Year update Continued!!

    Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket..

    High Lift Jack Mount..

    Dominion Off Road OBA kit..

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    4/18/2012 added Trail Mods Removable Fender Flares

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    Damn it's been a long time since I've been able to update this thread but that day has come!!

    Finally got the 5.38's installed! I had the work done at a buddies friend's shop. Guy's name is Nick, and he owns S.C.A.R. Off Road in East County San Diego. If you're local and looking to have something done look him up or get a hold of me!

    ***Updated 9/16/2012***
    Went to Dr. Dirty's shop and got a bunch of things done, and started my list for the next round of upgrades

    New drag link, tie rod, and steering stabilizer mount

    Tom Woods Drive shafts

    Transmission cooler from PSC

    *** Update 9/21/2012***
    Back to Dr. Dirty's shop

    New rear spring perches rotated slightly forward

    Tubing to use in conjunction with bump stops for the rear

    Added 3" bumpstops from Rokmen, flipped the drag link and added Synergy track bar bracket with weld washers at upper and lower mounts.

    ***Update 10/7/2012***

    Trail Worthy Fab 50" Pro Series LED Light Bar

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    Finally got around to painting the rocker section to prevent rust where some trail damage happened.

    Finally got rid of the stock muffler, man that thing is ugly. Went up to Dirty's Garage and this is what we came up with. There's a long glass pack under the drivers seat that's been there for a long time. When I tried to remove the muffler last time, there was a lot of exhaust fumes that made their way into the Jeep. This should work out just fine.

    Took off the bumpers and tire carrier to freshen them up. Then I installed a new 12k lb winch before putting them back on.

    Finally installed a set of Poly Performance Heavy Duty Ball Joints! It was a pretty good project, and money well spent. Jeep drives a lot better!
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    Bat Shit Crazy Obstruction of Justice's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    High Dezert CA
    Looks bad ass, I need to start pouring more money into mine. Anybody know of a bank with REAL low security?

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    Haldol Shuffle MR LIKA's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Mission Viejo, Ca
    Yeah, looking good, I also need to start pouring money into mine.
    Stock Sahara

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    Bat Shit Crazy Obstruction of Justice's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    High Dezert CA
    Quote Originally Posted by MR LIKA View Post
    Yeah, looking good, I also need to start pouring money into mine.
    Your Jeep looks like you piss money and your Jeep's a sponge, ...a blue sponge.
    BTW your Heep looks BadAss, I've seen pics of that ass drop.

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    Powered By power bottoms jkristie44's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Pensacola naval base checking out the mens in uniform


    You guys and all your money. One day! One Day!

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    Asshole At Large Bat Shit Crazy Karnuvore's Avatar
    Date Committed
    Nov 2011
    Winter Haven, FL
    I've been wanting green rock lights as well. Very nice.
    These pipes.....are CLEAAAN!!!

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    Nice work moving along nicely
    Http:// Give him a try for your Offroading Needs.
    Quote Originally Posted by gold knight View Post
    lol, I'm rich with family and friends. Just let us know and we will make it so.:toast:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obstruction of Justice View Post
    Looks bad ass, I need to start pouring more money into mine. Anybody know of a bank with REAL low security?
    So if we see a bunch of shit done to your Jeep really quick, I wanted to document this statement :redfinger: hahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by MR LIKA View Post
    Yeah, looking good, I also need to start pouring money into mine.
    Yea, right...

    Quote Originally Posted by jkristie44 View Post


    You guys and all your money. One day! One Day!
    I've gotten used to being broke, it's normal these days!

    Quote Originally Posted by Karnuvore View Post
    I've been wanting green rock lights as well. Very nice.
    I'm really happy with them, I still intend to add a couple more at some point.

    Quote Originally Posted by GREENGO View Post
    Nice work moving along nicely
    Thanks bud!

    By the way, I've updated post #5 with some new shit!
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    Who is your daddy? dr.dirty's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Looking good chris

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    Thanks dirty! I can't wait to get out and wheel it at Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari. Putting the same lift on a buddies 4 door tomorrow morning, the wrenching seems endless. Can't wait for my RROR Skids to come in Wednesday, probably toss them on next weekend after paint. Time to start looking into on board air, that slipped through the cracks somehow.

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    Pastrami Prolapse Chris Hansen's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Southern Cal
    Looking good, mang!

    Now hit it with my hammer!

    sent from under a midget using his little meaty fingers on tapatalk
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